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Today we live in an open world, where barriers are limited. Throughout the whole world opportunities like employment has been opened for the graduated students. As a result, the desire for more knowledge and to achieve more also rises with the increasing literacy rate of the people. But if you want to fly to some foreign land for work purpose then without work permit it’s not possible. So you must be aware of all the legal formalities, rules and regulations of that country where you want to work with. Degree Certificate Attestation of the candidate’s educational documents is mandatory if he/she is going to work in UAE.

Process of Degree Certificate Attestation UAE

Degree Certificate Attestation is the process carried out by different kinds of Government Authorities to verify the credibility and authenticity of the documents provided by the individual and also checks the academic background of the candidate.

It is an educational document attained by an individual when he/she completed his/her degree course. Degrees are received usually for job-oriented courses and the main purpose to get the job opportunities for them. But the individual can’t use a degree certificate globally without attestation, so it should be attested to use in a foreign land.

Types of Degree Certificates UAE

• UG Degree Certificate

• PG Degree Certificate

• Ph.D Degree Certificate

• Diploma Degree Certificate

• Medical Degree Certificate

• Law Degree Certificate, etc.

Uses of Degree Certificate Attestation UAE

• The main goal of attaining this attestation is to get a work permit visa from the UAE

• Degree Certificate Attestation is also used for migration purposes

• It is also used for higher education, etc.

Required documents for Degree Certificate

• Original Degree Certificate

• Passport copy

Process of Degree Certificate Attestation


• MEA (Ministry of External Affairs)

• UAE Embassy Attestation

• MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

All the documents must be authenticated from the home country and after that, they will send these documents to the country’s embassy where you want to go and they will check your documents. Genius Attestation will help you to sort out all sorts of attestation works.

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